Solar Panel Systems We provide green deal solar PV

Solar PV

Upgrade and Save Ltd, in Liverpool, provide solar PV, which is the process of generating cheap, green electricity from sunlight.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is a system of roof panels that generate electricity through the suns energy, even working on a cloudy day. This electricity is then either used in the house or fed back into the National Grid, earning you money, through the FIT and helping you do your part for the environment.

Why have Solar PV fitted into your home today?

  • Reduce your energy bills by 50%
  • Earn up to £750 tax free per year
  • Very good return on investment
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Increasing the value of your house


What is the Feed in Grant?

The Feed in Tarrif (FIT) is a reward from the energy companies for generating your own ‘green’ electricity.

These payments are tax free, index linked and guaranteed for 20 years at the rate you signed up for. The rate your systems produce is per KW/h and is paid whether you use free ‘green’ electricity or not. The KW/h rate is continually going down so our advice is to act fast for the highest possible returns.